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Agenda For Gentry Locke's 2012 Labor & Employment Law Symposium

How can you keep HR practices from turning into a bad reality show? What's the news you need to keep the drama out of the workplace? Join us for the annual Gentry Locke Labor & Employment Law Symposium. It's your chance to network with other HR pros and learn about how you can manage the comedy, drama, news, and reality that define the modern workplace.

Offered in two locations: Roanoke Lynchburg This program is pending approval by the HR Certification Institute

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7:45-8:15 Sign-in/Continental Breakfast

MythBusters – Paul Klockenbrink
This presentation will kick off the seminar with our employment law group's look to the past and the future of what we have seen and expect to see as repeat offenses and "myths". Nothing will be off limits and questions will be welcomed as we uncover some surprisingly tricky and apparently misunderstood issues related to payment of overtime, wage deductions, handbooks, training, employment applications, non compete agreements, responding to EEOC charges and much more.

The Big Bang Theory: Managing Risk Through EPLI - Protecting Your Assets: Is EPLI Right for You?
EPLI Panel - David Paxton with Alyson Newton, Rutherfoord, a MMA Company and Bethany Scott or Jimmy Watts, Scott Insurance
A number of companies attempt to manage the financial risk posed by employment-related claims by buying insurance. Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) is a product that has improved over time, but understanding whether EPLI is right for your company and what it will actually cover is more important than ever. In this session, David Paxton will moderate a panel discussion that includes two experienced brokers to look at common issues that arise in connection with EPLI.

Wipeout: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt — Horseplay and Assault in the Workplace – Cate Huff, Scott Austin
We all know that accidents can happen —even at work. Sometimes, however, injuries occur as a result of a deliberate act upon an employee by another employee or even a third person. It can be difficult to determine when injuries are a result of mutual horseplay, unilateral horseplay or a more violent assault. Cate Huff, a workers' compensation attorney at Gentry Locke, will discuss the difference between horseplay and assault in the workplace and how each are handled under the Virginia Workers' Compensation Act.

Working Out: ADA/HealthCare/Wellness Updates - Lindsey Waters Coley and Brooke Rosen
From flu shots to health risk assessments with bio-metric screening to rewards for non-smokers, employers are motivated to help their work force become healthier. Keeping employee wellness benefits compliant can be complicated. This program will cover the alphabet soup of legal compliance issues, including ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, ADA and GINA and offer helpful suggestions for designing your employee wellness benefits.

Your Social Network: Social Media/Telecommuting - Diane Geller
This session will discuss Social Media and the employer's challenge to determine when disciplinary action is permission in response to employee posts. In particular, when employee posts are protected under the NLRA and when they are not. We will also explore who owns all those connections that your employee has made on Linkedln and Facebook and other cutting edge issues related to social media. During this session we will learn about trends and best practices and look at some of the issues raised in flexible workplace arrangements including challenges of dealing with flexible working hours, telecommuting, job sharing and annualized hours and haw to manage those arrangement in an environment of laws that were not created with that type of work arrangement in mind.

The "No Spin" Zone: Employer Alert: Obama's NLRB Advances Pro-Union Initiatives - Todd Leeson
The Obama NLRB has published several controversial decisions and rules that will make it easier for unions to organize. Unfortunately, there is more to come. The NRLB Chair recently announced his plans to implement additional rules including a substantial reduction in the time period for setting union elections that would favor unions and disadvantage employers and employees. These changes will impact all businesses. We will discuss the changes and they steps employers should take to avoid liability and to remain union-free.

Futurama: Speaker Michele Stuart - Open Source Intelligence —The Frightening Frontier of the Internet - Roanoke Only
Gentry Locke is pleased to present one of the nation's leading experts on understanding the sources and types of information that can be found on the Internet. This two part section will provide an invaluable opportunity to understand what information can be obtained on the Internet and when it is appropriate for a company to do so. It also will point out the risks for companies that don't tightly monitor activities. Michele Stuart is an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia, an instructor at the FBI Academy, is contributing author to two books regarding Internet investigations, and is the President of JAG Investigations. These sessions alone are worth the price of admission.

Private Practices: How and Why of Working with Investigators - Picking Up the Pieces and Dotting Your "I's" & Crossing Your "T's"- Roanoke Only
This last session will be a panel discussion that covers the different laws that regulate when, how and why companies might use the services of someone like JAG Investigations without violating legal restrictions. We will discuss the EEOC's recent aggressive attack on the use of background checks in the hiring process, as well as the legal protocols that must be followed when engaging a third party to conduct an investigation into the activities of an existing employee.

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