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The experience to help you navigate through aircraft ownership, leasing, and performance.

Corporate Jets and Aircraft

Gentry Locke represents leasing companies, corporations, and individuals in the acquisition, financing, leasing, and sale of commercial and corporate aircraft. Bill Gust, who chairs the business aviation group, is active in the purchase and sale of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, regularly advises aircraft owners and aviation companies, and serves as the Chairman of a regional airport commission.

We also help clients implement their corporate strategies and operational arrangements, including:

  • Entity structuring for aircraft ownership
  • Fractional share operations
  • Ground-handling and maintenance agreements
  • Fixed based operators
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Aircraft partnership agreements
  • Aircraft wet and dry leases, hangar leases, airport premises leases and equipment leases
  • Aircraft management agreements under Part 91 and 135
  • Aircraft charter operator agreements
  • Aircraft sales and purchase agreements
  • Aviation litigation

Airplane Accident Litigation

We are known for providing clear thinking amid the post-crash chaos, and we offer in-depth investigation and careful analysis of accident-related data.

For more than 20 years, Gentry Locke has successfully represented plaintiffs involved in aircraft accidents and other aviation-related cases involving serious injury/wrongful death. Our experienced team assists both those who come to us directly and those whose attorneys associate with us for our specialized services.

In addition, we bring considerable knowledge of the extensive state and federal aviation regulations. We have a verifiable record of success at identifying the layers of liability that can entangle a plane crash and navigating the complexities of wrongful death and personal injury claims.

The chair of this practice group, Matthew Broughton, is an active flyer with an airline transport rating and thousands of hours of flight time in a diverse array of aircraft. As an experienced pilot, he has additional insight into aeronautical and structural issues that can be a factor in aviation accidents. The stakes are very high in these cases. Deep and insightful knowledge can make a difference.

This depth of experience is why plaintiffs and attorneys from around the nation seek our help for aviation law matters.

The practice of aviation law at Gentry Locke is typified by the high regard our firm enjoys with other law firms that refer these demanding specialty cases our way. We have successfully represented plaintiffs involved in aviation mishaps for decades; assisting those who come to us directly and those whose attorneys wisely seek our specialized services and then enjoy associated status. We are known for providing clear thinking amid the chaos and confusion of the post-crash scenario, and we offer in-depth investigation and the careful analysis of accident-related data.

Our attorneys have considerable industry knowledge that they leverage in your favor.

Learn more about our experience with products liability issues and airplane accidents, then contact a Gentry Locke attorney to find out how we may assist you.

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