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Health Care

Gentry Locke attorneys provides proven, down-to-earth counsel, practical business solutions, and legal remedies to medical facilities, individual practitioners, and groups of physicians.

The complex web of state and federal laws and regulations can sometimes (understandably) overwhelm medical providers. Gentry Locke takes great care to protect the interests of its clients, advising them on business matters including physician compensation, billing compliance and government audits, data privacy and security, compliance with self-referral and anti-kickback laws, and the lifecycle of a physician practice.

Paramount to the specific areas of health care is framing and otherwise managing relationships between physicians and hospitals. This includes joint ventures, affiliations, and ancillary services, which are an important focus of Gentry Locke’s attorneys. Hospitals are increasingly involved in owning physicians groups, an emerging phenomena that is fueled by the astounding cost of doing business—namely, compliance and medical malpractice. Our lawyers help physicians and medical entities adapt and transform to meet the new economic and regulatory environment to ensure success. A particular strength involves the requirements of new hires, departures, ownership, compliance, and Medicare issues.

Academic medical centers and ambulatory care centers bring what can be a challenging subset of liability and complex relationships. And, while compliance and medical malpractice can prove costly, proactive analysis and risk assessment can save exponentially when litigation, sanctions, or prosecution are considered.

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