AIA Contract Changes Seminar

Thank you for attending the 11/7/18 seminar presented by Diana Bonofiglio, Sr. VP with Marsh & McLennan Agency, and Gentry Locke attorneys Brett Marston and Spencer Wiegard.

Below are slide decks in PDF format and links of interest. Right-click the links and use “Save as” to download to your device. Just clicking on the link will open the document or link in a new window.


Our clients’ success is very important to us. Please reach out if you have any questions, we are here to help!
  • Diana Bonofiglio, Sr. Vice President at Marsh & McLennan Agency: (540) 767-4056
  • Brett Marston, Partner at Gentry Locke: (540) 983-9391
  • Spencer Wiegard, Partner at Gentry Locke: (540) 983-9454