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Corporate Capital Resources

Comprehensive, strategic capitalization and continuity planning for all private corporations and their owners.

It takes many years of hard work to create a successful business. The needs of shareholders and families in the operation of closely held corporations require a proper understanding of the legal, tax and accounting rules that will impact the business succession process. The experienced advisors at Corporate Capital Resources provide an in-depth response to those needs, offering business owners a broad spectrum of planning strategies needed to grow and protect wealth today and tomorrow.

Corporate Capital Resources, LLC (CCR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gentry Locke.

CCR offers a broad and flexible menu of service options which are targeted to closely held businesses that are grappling with the issues of business succession and management transition. CCR provides both in-depth financial analysis of a company’s operations as well as practical advice in an area that is critical to the success of many regional businesses. CCR can help business owners ensure the transition of the business to family, key management, or employees, with a minimum of tax consequences. The ultimate goal of the services provided can best be summarized in three concepts for private shareholders: control, flexibility, and financial efficiency. CCR works creatively with existing professional relationships to develop an integrated succession program that provides business owners with the financial management tools needed to either grow the company or to transition ownership to the next generation.

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