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Electronic Discovery & Document Management


Businesses and individuals increasingly store their information digitally.

Managing these massive amounts of digital information can be extremely challenging, even under the best of circumstances. In litigation, parties have an obligation to preserve the relevant electronic information, which presents even more difficulties.

Litigation used to involve exchanging boxes full of paper documents, which was relatively straightforward. But today, almost all cases involve e-Discovery—exchanging large amounts of electronic information—Gentry Locke’s e-Discovery and Information Management Practice Group helps clients manage their electronically stored information and minimize the risks associated with e-Discovery.

We establish protocols and systems to better manage your information.

This includes preparing document- and information-retention policies, developing data maps, and drafting litigation hold guidelines. Once litigation starts, our group provides the tools for collecting, processing, and reviewing electronically stored information.

Our experience in developing and implementing e-Discovery strategies includes teaming with e-Discovery vendors, controlling e-Discovery costs, and managing and using electronic information in litigation and at trial. . We can help your company develop efficient data policies that will protect you in litigation and business.

We encourage you to review our e-Discovery and Document Management Practice Group attorneys’ personal pages for additional information and then contact us to discuss your company’s legal needs.

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