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Court Shipman, Gentry Locke attorney in Lynchburg

J. Court Shipman

Legal Assistant
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Court Shipman assists clients with their business and corporate needs from our Lynchburg office. Prior to joining Gentry Locke, Court served as associate counsel to Liberty University, advising the university’s general counsel and various leaders on legal issues such as contract disputes, trademarks, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and state and local government compliance. Prior to his work with Liberty University, Court was a staff auditor for a major rail corporation, and held an internship in the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Division of Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General.

  • Years lived in Central Virginia
  • Length of sailboat I restored
  • No. of times I've climbed Sharptop
  • What do you most like about being an attorney?

    I would say that I’m fascinated with problem-solving. I really like being part of the creation of a deal, and then helping to make it successful.

  • You were Associate Counsel to the university where you attended law school – a very competitive position! What attracted you to Gentry Locke?

    It’s true, I was associate counsel for Liberty University, and it was there that I worked with Lynchburg attorney Herschel Keller. Once he moved to Gentry Locke and a position opened up, I applied, because Gentry Locke’s reputation is well known in this area. Also, I used to work at Norfolk Southern in the building across from Gentry Locke’s Roanoke offices, so I suppose I was Gentry Locke’s “downtown neighbor” for a while.

  • You’re particularly fond of sailing…tell us about your boat.

    Yes, in the summertime I like to go to the lake to sail. In 2015 I acquired a 22’ day sailor that was in pretty rough shape and needed extensive restoration, which I tackled myself. The teak restoration was particularly gratifying, it really turned out beautifully.


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.S. 2007
  • Liberty University School of Law, J.D. 2012


  • Drafted, reviewed, and negotiated contracts in various areas, including, construction, commercial real estate, employment law, intellectual property, research information technology, state and local government, and creditors’ rights
  • As Associate Counsel to the world’s largest Christian university, advised on an array of legal issues including contract disputes, trademarks, copyright, landlord/tenant, FERPA, ADA, creditors’ rights, law enforcement, and state and local government, and manages the formation and maintenance of numerous subsidiary entities (LLCs and corporations)
  • Successfully negotiated a settlement of a products warranty claim for over $850,000
  • Drafted amendments enacted by General Assembly to provide campus police officers the same privileges and protections as other law enforcement, drafted legal and public policy research memoranda concerning legislative proposals, and performed legal research and drafted legal documents, including pleadings and memoranda, for Virginia’s Office of the Attorney General
  • Designed and performed new department level audit tests for Sarbanes-Oxley and ERISA for a major rail corporation


  • Lynchburg Bar Association (2012-Present)
  • Affiliate Attorney, International Mission Board (2012-Present)
Court Shipman Virginia attorney