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Business Immigration/Visas

Gentry Locke’s Business Immigration team regularly advises employers on the requirements for compliance with hiring new employees, including the obligation to verify the right of new employees to work in the United States. This advice includes preparing compliance programs and policies to ensure that I-9 Forms are properly completed and retained, and training managers and HR specialists in implementing those programs. Our attorneys help employers decide whether to voluntarily participate in the Department of Homeland Security’s “E-Verify ” program, or to respond to information suggesting that a worker might not be authorized to work in the United States. We help government contractors design and implement the E-Verify program in compliance with Executive Order 13465 as implemented in Federal Acquisition Regulations and various state laws and orders.

With the renewed emphasis on workplace inspections by the current administration, companies can and should be prepared for increased efforts to hold employers directly accountable for hiring practices and ensuring that they are employing a legal workforce. We represent companies in connection with inspections by agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”), and defend enforcement actions by ICE for “paperwork” and “knowingly hire” violations of I-9 rules. Working with our White Collar Criminal Defense team, we advise and defend employers and managers in criminal investigations and proceedings relating to employment of aliens and employment verification rules, which are becoming increasingly common.

Our affiliation with the ALFA International legal network provides established relationships with other firms to assist our business clients in applying for the visas that are required to permit their company to engage the services of a foreign national with needed skills and/or expertise to work in the US. Additionally, this enables us to quickly and effectively assist our business clients in establishing business operations and resolving employment and immigration issues in any of the following locations: India, China, Canada, European Union,  Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Bahrain, Mexico, Central and South America, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

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