ALFA International

Gentry Locke has been a member of ALFA International, the oldest legal network of its kind, since 1988.

With 150 member firms across the globe (80 in the United States), ALFA International is the premier global network of independent law firms whose success is driven by broad, deep, local relationships all over the world. The ALFA International model enables Gentry Locke to use its regional expertise to deliver highly effective legal solutions while drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of other member firms within the United States and around the world as needed. While ALFA International law firms are a diverse group, they share one common trait: a reputation for, and proven history of, excellence in legal services. As a result, through firms like Gentry Locke, ALFA International clients have access to first class legal representation virtually everywhere they do business.

As the world economy becomes increasingly globalized, in-house corporate counsel, risk managers and other executives are regularly confronted with the urgent need to select and retain local counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions. These choices often must be made quickly in order to ensure timely, effective action — action that can make the difference between business success and failure. Every day, the attorneys and member firms of ALFA International’s global legal network help businesses of all sizes achieve successful outcomes to complex legal and business issues, within and across jurisdictions and national borders. ALFA International matches clients with prescreened, experienced legal counsel that meet ALFA International’s rigorous membership standards, are committed to providing the highest quality legal service, and offer coordinated, effective solutions that take advantage of economies of scale.

ALFA International member firms are committed to offering clients the highest quality legal counsel in the jurisdiction they serve. This goal is accomplished through ALFA International’s rigorous selection process that includes member and client recommendations, reviews of local, state and national bar records, a comprehensive application questionnaire, and a series of in-depth interviews and on-site visits.

Once admitted to membership, ALFA International firms must satisfy an array of performance requirements which are monitored on a regular basis. The ALFA International network cultivates cooperation, proactive communication and loyalty among member firms by admitting only one member firm in each metropolitan area, state or country. ALFA International encourages members to participate and support each other without concern for competition over the same legal business, which immensely benefits clients.

Clients enjoy many benefits from retaining ALFA International law firms. ALFA International provides its clients with access to a vast network of outstanding lawyers, eliminating the risks associated with hiring counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Each member firm may draw upon the resources of the entire membership in servicing its clients, thereby exploiting certain expertise and specialties that are not typically found in every individual law firm. Clients may also participate in a broad array of educational programs, including on-site seminars, teleseminars, online newsletters, and ALFA International presentations at various trade association events. In conjunction with these programs, ALFA International clients receive many legal reference materials (compendia, digests, manuals, etc.) which frequently prove to be indispensable in clients’ day-to-day handling of legal issues. Finally, clients have the opportunity to network with other companies that deal with similar legal challenges, helping the client to develop a “best practices” approach.