Gentry Locke Attorneys

We’re a dynamic group of attorneys who are driven to achieve success for our clients through uncommon thinking.

Gentry Locke lawyers handle complex issues that require experience, good judgment, and uncommon thinking. We’re fiercely driven help our clients achieve success, and our dedication to clients helps them through important milestones in their businesses and their lives.


All law firms feel they work to their utmost to provide the best and most complete service to their clients, but service takes on a deeper dimension at Gentry Locke. Our lawyers and staff consistently donate time and expertise to self-selected civic, charitable, and bar activities that serve diverse areas of society. Engaging in these community efforts, often alongside our clients, deepens those relationships and enriches the lives of many.


Gentry Locke is committed to maintaining a professional environment that nourishes productivity and rewards collaboration. We are proud to represent international and local companies alike, while maintaining a supportive work environment of inclusiveness and camaraderie. Clients hire our firm for our counsel, experience, energy, and responsiveness. Attorneys work at our firm because they enjoy helping others and being part of a team. We are proud to have been named as one of the “Greatest Places To Work With A Law Degree” in the United States in a publication by Harcourt Brace.


Recent law school graduates enjoy hands-on experience with cases and interaction with clients far sooner than with other law firms. They enjoy positions on committees, and receive one-on-one group mentoring to enrich their experience and perspective of the practice of law.


Gentry Locke is an equal opportunity employer. We offer employment opportunities regardless of age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, child birth, marital status, gender identity, genetic information, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.
Gentry Locke is a drug-free workplace.