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Discovery in Virginia Article

Criminal Discovery

white collar defense attorneys

Having now had the privilege (or pain) of practicing criminal law in three different states, I can safely say that not all criminal discovery rules and practices are even remotely equal. In law school, we all read Brady and Giglio and know well that a criminal defendant is entitled to certain information, namely exculpatory and impeachment evidence. However, I am sure more than one state criminal practitioner has had a state court judge or prosecuting attorney look at them as if they are speaking Greek whenever either Brady or Giglio is mentioned, and unfortunately, more than once in this last […]

New Cybersecurity Requirements For Healthcare Providers and Hospitals Article

New Cybersecurity Requirements For Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

white collar defense attorneys

On December 6, 2023, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) initiated new cybersecurity requirements for hospitals in an effort to protect the healthcare sector from cyber-attacks. Hospitals and healthcare providers are particularly attractive targets for threat actors due to their size, dependence on technology, and access to data (including sensitive health-related data). Because sophisticated hackers appreciate the massive disruption and harm that an attack could cause to a healthcare provider and their data subjects, ransomware attacks are the weapon of choice for these threat actors. Gentry Locke is an experienced cybersecurity law firm that has data […]