Prepare Your Company for E-Discovery

Back in the old days (actually less than 10 years ago), most of your company’s important documents and communications were stored in a file cabinet. When your company became involved in a lawsuit and you needed to gather information, you would simply pull the relevant file folders, copy the contents and then provide those materials to your attorney.

Technology has changed everything. These days, more and more information that used to be found in a file cabinet is stored electronically. No hard copies exist.

Welcome to the world of e-discovery. E-discovery is the process of collecting, analyzing, and exchanging electronic data during litigation or as part of a government investigation.

Even for a small company, the e-discovery process can be extremely time-consuming and very expensive. Think about all of the e-mails, text messages, instant messages, voice messages, etc. that may be relevant to an issue in dispute.

A little bit of upfront planning can significantly limit the time and expense associated with e-discovery. A good information retention policy is a necessity. It is also important for someone at your company to be familiar with litigation hold guidelines as well as the process of preserving and collecting electronic data. It is essential that these matters be addressed prior to your company becoming involved in litigation or being the target of a government investigation.

For more information, refer to our Electronic Discovery & Document Management website page, or contact a Gentry Locke attorney to help prepare your company for the challenges of e-discovery.

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