$1 Million Jury Verdict for Victim of Medical Malpractice

Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore for the Plaintiff.

A Roanoke City jury unanimously found for the victim of medical malpractice, who was represented by Gentry Locke attorneys Tony Russell and Amanda Shaw, against Carilion Clinic, awarding $1 million to fully and fairly compensate the victim for her injuries and damages. The patient had a medical condition known as Wegener’s Granulomatosis, which she entrusted to the care of Carilion Clinic.  However,  Carilion Clinic’s physician did not timely diagnose or treat the patient’s condition. As a result, the patient’s Wegener’s Granulomatosis progressed until she suffered acute kidney failure, requiring emergent hospitalization and approximately two months of dialysis. The patient continues to suffer from the after-effects of the acute kidney failure. The Roanoke City jury’s verdict helped to make up for the harms and losses that the patient suffered as a result of the malpractice, as well as hopefully preventing this from happening to another patient.

Status of the case:

The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client for one million dollars.

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