Family Member’s Estate Protected in Slip & Fall Case

Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore for the Defense

Montgomery County Circuit Court

The case involved a slip-and-fall with an ad damnum (demand) for a half-million dollars. The plaintiff fell in her sister-in-law’s yard in November of 2005. Gentry Locke represented the sister-in-law defendant, and following the sister-in-law’s death in 2012, represented her estate. Guy Harbert and Catherine Huff defended the case on the grounds that the plaintiff could not prove what caused her fall, and that our client had no notice of a defective condition in her yard or of the plaintiff’s presence in the yard at the time of the fall. At trial on November 7, 2013 the jury returned a defense verdict for our client.

Status of the case:

Jury verdict for the Defense.

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