Heavy equipment dealer in Virginia sued by the equipment manufacturer’s former dealer. Court grants Motion to Dismiss.

United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, Charlottesville Division

Our client, a heavy equipment dealer in Virginia, was sued by the equipment manufacturer’s former dealer. The former dealer alleged that our client had tortiously interfered with its dealer contract and had engaged in a business conspiracy with the manufacturer to cause the manufacturer to terminate the former dealer’s contract. We filed a Motion to Dismiss both claims arguing that, even assuming the truth of the allegations, the plaintiff failed to state viable claims against our client. Our client had merely been approached by the manufacturer with an opportunity to expand their existing business relationship, which our client accepted. The Court granted our Motion to Dismiss (without an opportunity for the plaintiff to amend its lawsuit) and removed our client as a defendant in the case. Litigation as between the former dealer and the manufacturer continues.

Status of the case:

Motion to Dismiss was granted (without leave to amend) and our client was terminated as a defendant in the case.

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