Settlement in Post-surgery Wrongful Death

Gentry Locke for the Plaintiff

A Virginia Court

In September of 2008, the Plaintiff’s father underwent multilevel fusion surgery. The surgery started around 8:00 in the morning and lasted until around 8:00 at night. At the start of the surgery, the Plaintiff contended that her father developed signs and symptoms consistent with renal failure, which would require that the surgery be stopped and additional treatment be administered to correct his condition. The surgery continued and, after it concluded, the Plaintiff’s father was transferred to the ICU.

Sadly, he remained at the hospital in October of 2008 for a total of 32 days, until his death. The Plaintiff contended the death resulted from malpractice on the part of the health care providers involved in the surgery in that they failed to recognize and treat renal failure. She settled the case with one of the physicians involved in the surgery for $700,000 and the remaining parties were dismissed. Attorney Randall J. Trost served as co-counsel in this matter.

Status of the case:

A Virginia court approved the confidential settlement, but the Final Order has not yet been entered.

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