Gentry Locke Overall Winner and Large Law Firm Winner in 11th Annual Legal Food Frenzy


Once again, Gentry Locke attorneys and staff have demonstrated their generosity and love of a great charitable campaign by winning the 2017 Legal Food Frenzy to benefit Feeding America Southwest Virginia.

The Legal Food Frenzy is a project of The Virginia Bar Association Young Lawyers Division. It pits law firm against law firm in an effort to stock and support our local food pantry. While last year Gentry Locke elected a Food Czar — Paul Klockenbrink — this year’s organizers whipped the firm into a competitive frenzy with a campaign to elect an “Official Furry Friend of the Legal Food Frenzy.” Dogs, cats, and a ruggedly handsome bull competed via pictures for the coveted designation. Eventually, Calvin, a very well behaved pup who was practically raised here at the firm, was voted Furry Friend of the Legal Food Frenzy, to the delight of his devoted owner Brad Tobias and all of Calvin’s fans.

Here  are the numbers:

Overall winner: Gentry Locke with 20,340 pounds worth of food

Large Law Firm (100+): Gentry Locke with 155 lbs. of food donated per employee


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