The Virginia Bar Association’s Community Service Program Announces Its Honor Roll

In January 2004, The Virginia Bar Association launched a major initiative: the VBA Community Service Program.  This program, in development since 2001, is led by The Honorable Harry L. Carrico of Richmond, Alfred M. “Ran” Randolph Jr. of Norfolk, and a Council comprised of distinguished lawyers from across the Commonwealth and all segments of the legal community.  It is the direct product of the VBA’s strategic plan to heighten emphasis on lawyer professionalism, not only as it relates to paid professional work, but also as it manifests itself in a balanced life of healthful activity, time for family and friends, and renewed service to others in need.


Four Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore lawyers certified their participation in the VBA Community Service Program for 2004.  Their names and hours of service were communicated to The Honorable Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., chief justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, and Robert J. Grey, Jr., president of the American Bar Association.  The following lawyers were certified:


VBA PRO BONO/COMMUNITY SERVANTS with 100 certified hours of service


G. Michael Pace, Jr.


VBA COMMUNITY SERVANTS with 50 certified hours of service


E. Scott Austin

Jammie N. Jackson

Todd A. Leeson


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