Strategic Communications

Gentry Locke provides strategic communications guidance to help clients meet their legal and policy goals:

  • Message Development – We develop, manage and monitor messages for clients. This includes research, analysis, public opinion surveys, and producing content that defines the client’s core message.
  • Earned Media Strategy Development & Management – Gentry Locke develops, manages and executes earned media (print, television, radio, or digital journalism) strategies. This includes influencing news coverage, developing editorial material, and preparing or creating press events.
  • Paid Media Strategy Development & Management – We can develop, manage and execute paid media (television, radio, print or digital advertising) strategies. This includes providing strategic advice to help partners develop ad campaigns and produce content, managing vendors, and measuring success.
  • Digital Media – We develop, manage and execute digital media strategies that fit with an overall strategy and help clients achieve their goals. This includes digital advertising and social media management.
  • Engaging Grassroots Campaigns – Gentry Locke can assist with the development, management, and execution of engaging grassroots campaigns to support legal and policy goals.
  • Crisis Management – We are prepared to help clients navigate difficult legal, political, and public relations scenarios, including unexpected emergencies, institutional attacks, and external crises.
  • Internal Communications Strategy Development & Management – Gentry Locke can help businesses, organizations, and associations develop, manage, and execute internal communication strategies. This includes producing written material, managing member communication, and creating systems/processes to ensure efficient communication within an organization.
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