Expect Changes in VOSH Investigations and Inspections as a Result of Coronavirus

VOSH has received more than 200 complaints related to coronavirus, specifically complaints of employers providing insufficient precautions or protections for workers. VOSH investigators are responding to these complaints by contacting employers and requesting a written response setting forth the steps taken to protect workers. Employers who fail or refuse to respond to a VOSH request can expect an onsite inspection.

Remember, VOSH is also an employer, so it is taking reasonable steps to keep its investigators safe and healthy. Federal OSHA has a team investigating these complaints nationally. VOSH is  currently investigating complaints remotely. We expect that VOSH investigators will only visit an employer that either does nothing or does not respond. Employers who are contacted by VOSH should respond in writing, and post the response. VOSH is currently doing fewer programmed inspections, fewer onsite inspections, and more outreach by phone, but will be responding in person to fatalities and catastrophes.

If VOSH contacts you concerning a complaint, and you need assistance, you can contact:

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