Approval for Eight Special Use Permits will Improve Wireless Communications in Montgomery County

Gentry Locke for a national wireless carrier

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

After months of work by our Zoning and Land Use team, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved eight special use permit applications that Gentry Locke filed on behalf of a national telecommunications carrier. The approvals granted by the Board of Supervisors authorize the carrier to upgrade existing wireless telecommunications equipment on eight cell towers located throughout Montgomery County, which will provide faster, 4G/LTE technology to consumers of two major wireless providers.

Handling one such special use permit application can be challenging.  Having eight such applications pending at the same time significantly increased the degree of difficulty on this project. In the past, Montgomery County has experienced to severe weather such as ice storms and flooding. Upgrading this existing communications infrastructure makes decision an important one for the many thousands of wireless users in Montgomery County.

Status of the case:

Eight Special Use Permits approved for our client.

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