Gentry Locke attorneys secure settlement for orphaned toddler

Gentry Locke for the Plaintiff

Gentry Locke represented a two-year-old girl and her mother’s estate. The girl was riding with her mother and father when their car collided with another car. There was evidence that both drivers had been drinking and one was speeding. Tragically, both of the girl’s parents died in the crash, as well as the driver of the other car. The girl suffered injuries as did the two passengers in the other car.

The estate of the driver of the other car and his insurance company blamed the girl’s mother and grandmother for allowing the girl to ride with her father after he had been drinking. Our clients denied they were blameworthy. Of the available insurance coverage of $1 million for claims of the injured individuals and estates of the deceased, our clients received a total of $920,000 in settlement funds. The court approved this settlement, and all phases of these suits are now concluded.

Status of the case:

Settlement approved, all suits are concluded.

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