Personal Injury

Popular culture sometimes paints all personal injury law practices with the same broad generalizations, but things are different at Gentry Locke.

The Personal Injury team at Gentry Locke specializes in high-profile, complex cases. If there is a major personal-injury proceeding in the region, chances are that we will be at the front of it, representing our client’s interests with diligence and compassion. As a result of our deep experience and resources, Gentry Locke frequently gets referrals from other personal injury attorneys who seek our help in complex personal-injury cases.

Gentry Locke stands out as a leader in personal injury law in Virginia with a specialization in high-profile, complex cases. Our client-focused approach and dedication to exceptional service sets us apart. From major personal injury proceedings to smaller cases, we offer personalized attention, striving to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. The difference: our experienced personal injury lawyers and access to top-tier experts mean we go the extra mile to help our clients prevail. 

Gentry Locke handles a wide variety of cases including:

Our personal injury lawyers focus on quality of cases rather than quantity of cases.

We utilize a wide variety of professionals to help investigate cases to determine their meritThese include in-house registered nurses and other medical professionals.

Our clients appreciate that our team is able to go directly to accident sites to preserve critical evidence. They appreciate as well that Gentry Locke is staffed with nurses and investigators and has access to top-tier experts who can make a critical difference in helping the opposition and the jury more fully understand why our clients deserve to prevail.

We welcome the biggest and most daunting cases. But every case we handle gets individualized attention, because we derive great satisfaction from returning a measure of justice to those who deserve it most.

We encourage you to review our Personal Injury Practice Group attorneys’ personal pages for additional information and then contact us to discuss your legal needs.

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