Plaintiff in Multi-vehicle Accident Receives Over $225,000

Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore for the Plaintiff

Amherst County Circuit Court

Our client suffered right hip and elbow injuries in a motor vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck.

The passenger van he was riding in was hit on its left side by the pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck blamed a tractor-trailer driver for cutting him off, which he claims caused him to go into our client’s lane of travel and collide with the van. Evidence from the scene indicated the pickup truck driver was not paying attention to the turning tractor-trailer and that the failure to pay attention caused the collision.

Our client settled with the tractor-trailer driver and his employer for $225,000 and received $1,000 from the driver of the pickup truck.

Status of the case:

Client received a total of $226,000 from all the involved parties. All phases of this multi-party suit are now concluded.

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