Virginia Company Prevails in Hard-Fought Labor Arbitration Case

Gentry Locke for the Company/Defendant.

Federal Court in Roanoke, followed by Arbitration

Team Carriers, a company based in Covington, Virginia, has prevailed in a labor arbitration case filed against it by the United Steelworkers Union (USW). The litigation began with the USW filing a Complaint in Federal Court in Roanoke. The Court issued a partial preliminary injunction that enjoined the Company from taking certain action until an arbitrator ruled on a grievance filed by the USW against the Company. After the Court announced its preliminary ruling, the USW issued a national press release accusing the Company of “failing to live up to its contractual obligation.”

The parties thereafter selected a labor arbitrator. The Union appeared at the arbitration hearing with two lawyers and five fact witnesses, including a USW International officer based in Pittsburgh. Following the hearing, the parties submitted briefs to the arbitrator. In an Opinion and Award dated April 17, 2014, the arbitrator ruled in the Company’s favor. In so doing, the arbitrator held that the so-called “successorship” clause in the parties’ collective bargaining agreement did not prevent the Company from selling its equipment to a willing buyer. The Union has decided not to appeal the arbitrator’s decision and the lawsuit has now been dismissed.

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Todd Leeson, a partner with Gentry Locke, served as lead counsel for the Company. Gentry Locke lawyers Mike Finney, Pete Irot, and John Thomas also assisted with various aspects of the case for Team Carriers.

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Status of the case:

Company prevailed against Union in labor arbitration.

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