Attorney John Reed Thomas, Jr. Promoted to USMC Major

June 30, 2015 (Roanoke, Va.) — Gentry Locke is very proud of attorney John Reed Thomas, Jr., who today took the oath and was promoted to the rank of Major in the United States Marine Corps.

John is Gentry Locke’s point person for qui tam litigation, where whistleblowers uncover and report fraud against the government. John is also a U.S. Marine Corps judge advocate, with significant experience in prosecuting and defending courts-martial and advising commanders on the laws of war. Prior to joining Gentry Locke in 2012, John served as Marine Corps defense counsel, representing Marines and sailors at General and special courts-martial who were accused of a variety of crimes. He also served as a Marine Corps prosecution team leader, managing a trial team that prosecuted a capital case involving crimes against children. While serving as judge advocate for the 3d Battalion, 9th Marines in Marjah, Afghanistan, he advised the battalion commander on a variety of issues. John currently serves as the Assistant Senior Defense Counsel for the National Capital Region.

Gentry Locke joins John’s family in appreciation of his accomplishments, and we salute his ongoing service and his dedication to justice.

John Thomas takes the oath and is promoted to Major  Gentry Locke attorneys Greg Haley, Monica Monday, and Andrew Bowman congratulate Major John Thomas, USMC 

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