Meningitis Update: Compounding Industry in the News, Attorney Sexton Interviewed

As a result of the fungal meningitis outbreak that was caused by tainted injections of medicine compounded by NECC, a Massachusetts compounding facility, the industry that compounds medicines is still in the news.

Channel 10 News reporter Aaron Martin interviewed Gentry Locke partner Scott Sexton for a news report that seeks to better understand how such problems can occur.

According to the article online at the WSLS Channel 10 website, “Compound pharmacies like the NECC tend to fall between the cracks when it comes to regulations. Pharmacies are regulated by the state and drug manufacturers are regulated by the FDA. But compound pharmacies manufacture and distribute drugs, meaning there is no one agency they answer to.”

With many such cases pending, Gentry Locke attorney Sexton advises viewers, “You may have been to the doctor recently and received a compounded medication and you had no idea. And, here’s the scary part — neither did the doctors.”


Scott Sexton interview on WSLS 10 News

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