Partner David Paxton Quoted in Law360 Article on 2016 Employment Law Changes

Gentry Locke Employment Law Chair David Paxton was interviewed and quoted in a Law 360 article entitled “The Top Employment Regulations Of 2016”.

Reporter Vin Gurrieri included the following comments by Paxton:

  • The Overtime Rule: David Paxton of Gentry Locke said the outcome of the case “will be fascinating,” adding that the overtime rule, of all the recent regulations issued, was the one “that has the broadest impact on employers. For small businesses and nonprofits, it’s a major financial disaster,” Paxton said. “Trying to undo it will be problematic — I don’t know how it will play out.”
  • New EEO-1 Reports: Gentry Locke’s Paxton said he believes the EEO-1 regulations are likely to be rolled back “either completely or substantively changed” but noted that the EEOC is still likely to pursue wage discrimination cases under the Trump administration. “Over the years, even with Republican administrations, there have been certain segments of the EEOC that are not political appointees and have been aggressive in their interpretation of statutes,” Paxton said.

Read the full article here.

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