Employment & Labor

Our primary task is to solve "people problems"

Management Advice

Gentry Locke’s Employment & Labor group helps companies solve their “people problems.” Since these problems come in all shapes and sizes and can be exceedingly complex, experience is essential.

Group Chair Todd Leeson oversees a legal team known for giving candid, realistic assessments and creative solutions. Our clients have come to rely on the commonsense approach that we take to resolving problems in today’s increasingly litigious society. We anticipate issues before they happen and provide counsel to minimize risk, and when disputes occur, we serve as dedicated advocates for our clients’ positions.

Our labor law attorneys steadfastly believe that businesses are better off if they remain union-free. We regularly represent businesses faced with union organizing campaigns and initiatives. In so doing, we strive to ensure that our clients oppose the union using lawful means and strategies. We also have substantial experience representing employers on unfair labor practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Securing our employment law counsel reflects a decision to manage risk and, when possible, to avoid litigation.

Our clients who own or operate companies appreciate that we are accessible, cost-effective, and driven to completely serve their needs.

We have a demonstrated track record of competing successfully with both larger regional national law firms, as well as employment and labor boutiques. The attorneys in our Employment and Labor team have been consistently recognized by Best Lawyers in America, and have earned leadership positions in national and statewide professional organizations.

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