Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Gentry Locke’s Cybersecurity team provides a broad range of services to companies seeking help with privacy, data/information security, and cybersecurity issues. We assist businesses in putting policies and procedures into place to protect sensitive information and to ensure compliance with governmental regulations regarding data security particular to each industry, and determining appropriate responses to breaches of data or other corporate security violations.

No business that handles customer, client, or patient information is completely immune from these attacks. However, with Gentry Locke’s team of advisors, they can be proactive, prepared, and appropriately responsive.

Areas of Focus:

  • Management of and responding to data breaches
  • Advising on reporting obligations regarding data breaches
  • Planning ahead for incident response strategies
  • Assisting in compliance with regulatory requirements at the federal and state levels (such as regulations governing the handling of certain sensitive information – financial privacy, health information privacy, etc.)
  • Drafting policies/procedures to meet a company’s individual data security needs
  • Advising on online privacy policies and issues
  • Responding to governmental investigations
  • Advising on cybersecurity issues involving transactions/contracts with other parties such as business partners, vendors, clients
  • Development of privacy and cybersecurity training for employees, vendors, etc.