Internal Investigations

Corporations are being scrutinized today as never before and are under increasing pressure to self-report corporate wrongdoing. When a company becomes aware of potential misconduct, a thorough and efficient investigation of the alleged wrongdoing can be the difference between coming under the criminal microscope and successfully addressing and navigating the issue. Our team recognizes the sensitive nature of these matters and can advise you whether the situation needs to be disclosed to the authorities and at what point in time that needs to be done. You can rely on our extensive experience to guide you through the entire process.  When conducting investigations, we often advise companies on corporate governance issues and compliance programs. Our attorneys have the ability to call on other Gentry Locke attorneys with regulatory experience in virtually every substantive area of law and to coordinate with seasoned investigators and consultants, many of whom have had distinguished careers with federal law enforcement agencies.

We offer our clients the following services:

  • Conduct internal investigations for corporations facing investigations in highly regulated areas, such as healthcare, COVID/pandemic response, government contracting, securitiesantitrust, financial, retail and manufacturing, construction, and environmental and natural resources
  • Advise and represent businesses and individuals called to provide testimony in criminal investigations, including responses to subpoenas, grand jury testimony, and discussions with prosecutors
  • Coordinate electronic discovery and electronic document retention and production

Increased regulatory oversight is a reality for corporations and individuals in nearly every business sector of the economy.

The need to ensure compliance with these regulations on both industrial and governmental levels has never been more crucial. Professionals in industries such as insurance, healthcare, government contracting, natural resources, banking, securities, and financial industries routinely turn to our firm for guidance, particularly when charged with or suspected of a violation of criminal, regulatory, or tax laws.

Tom Bondurant, Jennifer DeGraw, and Erin Harrigan have tried several hundred criminal jury and bench trials between them, and have conducted thousands of investigations. With a former Chief of the Criminal Division of the Western District of Virginia U.S. Attorney’s Office and former state and federal prosecutors on our team, we are uniquely positioned to address any concerns faced by our clients.  Our attorneys work closely with our clients at all stages of representation to ensure that no avenue of action is left unexplored.

The best victory involves persuading the government not to file charges against our clients, because litigation is increasingly expensive. When litigation is warranted, we have the resources and dedication to mount a vigorous defense on nearly any subject matter. Our attorneys are also experienced in negotiating favorable settlements or, when in the best interests of the entity and officers, assisting in the decision of whether or not to accept a plea bargain.

We dedicate ourselves to our clients at every stage of these matters:

  • Investigations and regulatory enforcement under the False Claims Act, marketing and advertising regulations, pharmaceutical regulations, healthcare fraud, bribery and kickbacks, Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act violations (foodborne illness), securities enforcement, government contracting, public corruption, racketeering (RICO), tax violations, Arms Control Act & Espionage Act, national security matters, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and financial fraud and money laundering
  • Corporate internal investigations into suspected or known violations of state or federal laws and regulations
  • Corporate and individual defense in grand jury investigations and criminal prosecutions, as well as related civil parallel proceedings
  • Representation and defense of inquiries or charges at local, state, and federal level, including responses to subpoenas, grand jury investigations, and appearances associated with congressional investigations
  • Corporate compliance and proactive identification of issues for key executives and governing Boards designed to help avoid violations of law, including appropriate action needed in response to new legislation
  • Filing and representation in qui tam actions, many in conjunction with federal and state governments and regulatory agencies
  • Identification and implementation of corrective actions to minimize legal risk and exposure, including self-reporting to regulatory agencies
  • Representation of individuals charged with criminal violations in federal and state court
  • Retain and control records for production in response to grand jury subpoenas, agency requests, and litigation demands
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