Legislative and Executive Government Relations

Gentry Locke provides strategic and tactical advice to meet specific government relations objectives:

  • Public Policy– We develop, manage and execute legislative lobbying campaigns to accomplish specific legislative objectives, advance or defend specific interests, or craft public policy. This includes drafting legislation, navigating the legislative process, and providing guidance on how to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Executive Branch Lobbying: Gentry Locke develops, manages and executes executive branch lobbying campaigns to accomplish specific objectives. This includes regulatory action, procurement, and state-agency work.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: We provide high-quality insight and analysis through real-time monitoring and reporting of issues, activities, legislation or government action.
  • Coalition Building: We develop, manage and execute coalition building plans to leverage the power of partnerships when seeking to achieve an objective that requires and industry- or issue-wide approach.
  • Relationship Development: We provide strategic guidance on relationship development for clients seeking to build a long-term presence in the government affairs sector.
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