Perhaps no area of employment law wreaks greater havoc for employers than the issues raised under the federal and state wage and hour laws. Unfortunately, the complexities of the wage and hour laws often defy common sense. The simple misclassification of employees or inadequate recordkeeping can result in significant exposure to a company.

The attorneys in Gentry Locke’s Labor and Employment Section regularly assist employers:

  • Defending administrative and judicial wage and hour proceedings, including the Department of Labor audits
  • Advising employers on issues including overtime, independent contractors, recordkeeping and other wage and compensation policies
  • Assisting with proper classification of employees as exempt and non-exempt
  • Creating practical policies and procedures that comply with federal and state law requirements
  • Analyzing and reviewing job descriptions and payroll practices
  • Properly identifying opportunities for federal tax credits offered to private sector employers who hire individuals from certain targeted groups
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