Civil Defense Litigation

Combining experience with innovation to defend complex claims.

Gentry Locke’s Civil Defense Litigation practice group is led by Ashley Winsky and Peter Irot, two attorneys with decades of trial experience. The group specializes in providing innovative defense strategies that are tailored to the needs of each client.

Our seasoned attorneys represent a diverse clientele across multiple industries, including the following:

  • Commercial entities in the defense of premises and product liability claims;
  • Businesses and individuals in intentional tort actions such as, defamation, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment;
  • Insurance carriers in loss investigations, complex coverage issues, and bad faith claims;
  • Trucking and transportation companies involved in catastrophic accidents; and
  • Employers and carriers in defense of workers’ compensation claims.

Premises, Products, and Intentional Torts

Our team is experienced in defending individuals and entities in a variety of complex civil actions, including catastrophic torts, products liability, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, defamation, negligence, and premises liability. Whether the circumstances require a negotiated resolution or litigation, our mission is always the same: to effectively and economically represent each client’s interests in order to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Insurance Carriers

Gentry Locke represents numerous insurance carriers across the full spectrum of litigation in federal district court and Virginia state courts. We assist our insurer clientele by investigating and defending allegations of bad-faith conduct and represent them in coverage issues. We also recognize that not every client’s claim should be litigated, and we have experience in mediating and arbitrating claims in order to achieve a beneficial outcome.

We also have decades of experience in conducting arson and fraud investigations, representation at examinations under oath, supervision of fire origin and cause investigations, and comprehensive analysis of coverage issues.

Trucking and Transportation

Gentry Locke represents motor carriers and logistics companies throughout Virginia. One aspect that sets us apart from other firms is our “rapid response” capability. Our trained attorneys are available around the clock to immediately investigate trucking accidents when and where they occur. We provide on-site assistance, including interviewing witnesses, coordinating with experts, and investigating the circumstances of each accident. Our attorneys work diligently to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected from the moment an accident occurs through the conclusion of litigation.

Workers’ Compensation

Our team of attorneys is composed of many of the most experienced lawyers in this field. We represent major employers in Virginia and have employer, carrier, and claimant clients from the coal fields of southwest Virginia to the Beltway region of Northern Virginia and the shipyards of Hampton Roads. Furthermore, our ability to prosecute workers’ compensation cases extends beyond the claims stage. We have extensive experience with appeals, complex subrogation, and third-party-liability cases stemming from work-related accidents.

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