David Paxton quoted in article, “Hacked: What to do if your office computers are breached”

In the May 23, 2013 issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Gentry Locke Partner David Paxton was quoted in an article written by Correy E. Stephenson entitled “Hacked: What to do if your office computers are breached”. 

So what should law firms do if they get hacked?
First, stop the breach, said Roanoke lawyer W. David Paxton. Identify the access point(s) the hackers are using and the security weaknesses. If possible, preserve any relevant data to help track the hackers and determine what information was accessed – just certain client files? The entire system? Second, investigate the nature and the extent of the breach, Paxton said, like the length of access and what information was involved in the breach, notifying the proper law enforcement authorities. The next steps are the most complicated – and costly – for attorneys: notifying those affected by the breach and attempting to stop it from happening again.

Additional quoted sources included a a digital forensics and information security company executive. Read the full article in the link below.

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