Tax Credit Financing

A developer identifies an old warehouse that would make great office space, apartments, or a mixed use facility, but the costs of the rehabilitation required are daunting. A bank executive has been approached to provide bridge financing on a project with a tax-credit component, but she has no experience with the form of collateral being offered. A community bank is evaluating whether becoming an investor in tax-credit projects may be a good fit for its institutional strategy. Gentry Locke attorneys have experience advising clients through these important assessments.

Both federal and state tax credits and incentives are intended to encourage focused financial activities, such as rehabilitating historically significant buildings and investing in low-income urban and rural communities. Accessing these programs can often determine the financial viability of a project. Over the years, our tax credit attorneys have worked on projects that have resulted in significant community impact, including the development of hotels, museums, music venues, much needed residential housing, and the modernization of medical facilities in underserved communities.

We represent clients involved in all aspects of tax-credit projects, including developers, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, investors, and lenders. We work with clients to help them evaluate whether participation in a tax-credit program is a fit for their specific project or investment portfolio.

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