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Bank Formation & Regulation

Practices & Specialties

The banking practice group at Gentry Locke Attorneys ensures that new and existing financial institutions have a sound foundation and are compliant with the federal and state authorities who oversee this highly regulated industry.

We have experience in providing the following services to our clients:

  • Chartering new national and state banks and savings associations
  • Formation of bank holding companies
  • Merging and acquiring banks and their holding companies
  • Engaging in stock repurchases, tender offers, proxy contests, reverse stock splits, strategic planning, and other shareholder ownership issues
  • Represent sellers, purchasers and investors in connection with stock acquisitions, mergers and purchase and assumption transactions
  • Assist clients in structuring their entry into nontraditional activities as they seek to enhance profitability and customer relationships
  • Advise existing and newly formed institutions and holding companies in raising capital through private and public offerings of equity and debt securities
  • Routinely make filings to comply with various securities rules and regulations of the SEC, OCC and the FDIC, as well as state blue sky laws
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