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Gentry Locke knows the construction industry.

Gentry Locke handles sophisticated issues related to commercial, industrial, and public-sector construction projects.

We do everything from assisting with project development and contracts up front all the way through to helping resolve the payment and defective-construction issues that may arise after the end of a job. We represent parties from all aspects of the industry, which allows us to see issues and disputes from all angles. We’re also active participants in industry groups like the AGC and the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance.

In short, Gentry Locke knows the very competitive construction industry. Group leader Brett Marston sees to it that Gentry Locke attorneys meet the demands of this industry by applying our deep knowledge, hard work, and exhaustive preparation. Our solid legal credentials come with a reputation for being down-to-earth, approachable people with an effective and healthy balance between aggressive and reasonable representation.

Construction Law

In construction law, the issues are complex and the timing is always critical. Gentry Locke hits its stride when it comes to the punch-list of needs and issues: contract document origination and refinement, build/design agreements, licensing, real estate, workplace safety (OSHA), labor relations, procurement, environmental requirements, insurance, and much more.

A majority of our firm’s construction-client relationships come as a result of referrals from other professionals, such as insurance and bonding companies. And while we may be based in Roanoke and Lynchburg, our credibility extends far beyond Virginia’s borders. Clients with major projects in other states routinely seek our assistance. In such instances we provide crucial counsel, as was the case with a steel-fabricator client with major contracts including the new World Trade Center reconstruction project. Gentry Locke represents one of the oldest pipeline and utility contractors in Virginia in all aspects of its business, including procurement issues, contract negotiations, disputes, employment issues, and OSHA compliance. Our practical, logical approach to our work helps clients toward their ultimate goal: projects that continue smoothly to a successful conclusion. We’re proud to claim a considerable list of satisfied, long-term clients.

Construction Litigation

We handle litigation for construction companies, building owners, subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, bonding companies, architects, and engineers.

Gentry Locke routinely handles disputes typical of the construction industry: nonpayment, mechanic’s liens, change orders, payment bonds, performance bond issues, construction defects, workmanship, contract specifications, faulty practices, and various other types of “who’s going to pay?” claims.

We understand that construction delays associated with legal disputes can be very costly. So Gentry Locke always counsels clients to at least consider alternative dispute resolution options, because methods such as arbitration or mediation often can bring adverse parties together with the greatest speed and at the lowest resulting cost. Ultimately, our aim is to help clients achieve a minimum of controversy and a maximum of project success.

We have a broad network of expert consultants who can add clarity and value to a case, when needed, and help us work through the issues more efficiently.

We encourage you to review our Construction Practice Group attorneys’ personal pages for additional information and then contact us to discuss your company’s legal needs.

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