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Discrimination & Harassment Claims

Each year more than 75,000 charges of discrimination are filed with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission despite the best efforts of companies to eliminate employment practices and discipline employees who violate rules prohibiting discrimination and harassment. The fastest growing category of claims, and potentially the most dangerous for employers, are claims of retaliation brought by employees who believe they have been punished or penalized for reporting unlawful behavior. With the 2006 decision by the United States Supreme Court in Burlington Northern v. White, exposure to retaliation claims has only increased. The lawyers of the Labor and Employment Practice Group at Gentry Locke have significant experience in defending employers of all types, from large multi-national companies to small business owners, on claims which can cover the following topics:

  • Race discrimination or harassment
  • Gender discrimination, which can include Equal Pay Act claims
  • Retaliation Claims
  • Sexual harassment
  • Religious discrimination or harassment
  • Disability (ADA) discrimination or harassment
  • Pregnancy discrimination or harassment
  • Age discrimination or harassment
  • National origin discrimination or harassment
  • Discrimination against veterans
  • Reverse discrimination claims

Harassment Investigations & Advice

Harassment in the workplace continues to be a real challenge for corporate America. We have substantial experience litigating harassment cases. This experience allows us to provide practical and candid proactive advice to companies on the front end. Specifically, we regularly assist our corporate clients in drafting harassment policies that contain effective complaint procedures.

When an employee registers a complaint, we have the experience and instincts to direct the required investigation. We recognize that harassment cases are rarely “black and white.” Companies faced with harassment complaints often are faced with credibility determinations and conflicting evidence. We have the experience to assist management in evaluating such cases, and developing and implementing an effective response.

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