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Executive & Professional Contracts

In addition to advising companies on employment issues, our attorneys also represent executives and other professionals on a wide variety of employment issues. We help executives and professionals on the front-end when negotiating contracts and compensation packages in evaluating whether their rights under a contract have been violated, during an internal or governmental investigation, and on the back-end when the relationship goes sour. Our clients have included corporate CEOs and other senior executives, as well as other professionals from financial services companies, accountants, physicians, college and public high school coaches and administrators, and government contractors.

The types of issues addressed are:

  • Executive contracts with venture-capital and equity investors (including incentive compensation, stock options and related issues
  • Executive contracts with privately held and public companies (including negotiating and litigating change of control provisions)
  • Negotiating and litigating physician employment contracts with hospitals and physician groups
  • Negotiating and litigating contracts for college coaches and administrators
  • Litigating “for cause” termination provisions for executives, accountants and coaches
  • Litigating benefits under change in control and stock option agreements
  • Litigating breach of fiduciary duty and restrictive covenant claims made against executives and physicians
  • Representing and defending executives, physicians and coaches in investigations of alleged unlawful or wrongful conduct
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