Peanut Corporation of America Update

Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, LLP’s team of attorneys is disappointed that the Government has decided, after four years, to pursue an indictment against Stewart Parnell on charges stemming from the operation of Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) in connection with the salmonella outbreak of 2008.

At this point, we will evaluate the charges that have been filed against Mr. Parnell and will prepare for a vigorous defense.  There is little doubt that as the facts in this case are revealed, it will become apparent that the FDA was in regular contact with PCA about its food handling policy and was well aware of its salmonella testing protocols.  Representatives of State and Federal agencies made regular visits to the PCA facility in Georgia over the years and months prior to the salmonella outbreak and such agencies were aware of and made no objections to the testing policies or protocols in place.

While Mr. Parnell and others associated with PCA have to date remained silent on the circumstances surrounding the Government’s salmonella investigation, as this matter progresses it will become clear that Mr. Parnell never intentionally shipped or intentionally caused to be shipped any tainted food products capable of harming PCA’s customers.

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