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Staffing & Contingent Workers

Our goal is to provide today’s staffing companies with the comprehensive legal services they require for all of their business needs. As experienced practitioners in a broad range of practice areas, we have the ability to help clients prioritize their legal needs and manage their legal work in a cost-effective manner.

Our attorneys have experience working with companies of all sizes in such diverse staffing niches as health care, IT, financial, clerical, technical, security and professional. In addition, we understand the nuances of the staffing industry and recognize the concerns of entrepreneurs, company management and general counsel in the industry.

As more companies turn to staffing companies to provide contingent workers to allow the workforce to better match the ebb and flow of demand for services, turning to experienced counsel is a must. The laws regulating the proper classification of workers and deciding which entity might be considered a “joint employer” have never been more complex or important. We have experience in all facets of these relationships. We provide consultation and representation in all aspects of the business issues, as well as defending various claims such as unpaid wages, overtime, ERISA, COBRA, OSHA/worker safety, EEOC investigations and complaints, claims under FMLA and ADA, WARN Act violations, DOL and OFCCP investigations, as well as non-compete and trade secret claims.

We have provided services and advised companies on the following:

  • Charges, immigration issues, franchise
  • Contract services – Drafting contracts for independent contractors, employment, non-compete, confidentiality, reviewing and drafting other business services contracts
  • Temporary help – Providing advice regarding contingent workforce issues
  • Employee leasing (PEO) – Assisting clients in obtaining licensure and compliance with laws, and drafting client services agreements/negotiating agreements on behalf of companies using PEO services
  • Payroll services – Drafting and negotiating agreements for vendors and clients for payroll services and payroll transfer services
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