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Trucking – Rapid Response Team

An accident can happen in an instant. You need an instantaneous response.

At Gentry Locke, we employ a rapid response approach that enables us to render immediate and effective assistance to our trucking clients when the need arises. Our experienced, in-house investigator complements our team of resourceful, responsive attorneys.

Trucking Defense Team

Gentry Locke is uniquely situated to provide rapid response services statewide in both Virginia and West Virginia. Ashley Winsky, who leads the firm’s Trucking Defense practice, serves on a team of dedicated attorneys who can coordinate a response to protect the motor carrier’s interests. We know that the statements made in the aftermath of a collision could be the difference between winning and losing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Assembling key evidence at the outset of a catastrophic event can prevent lawsuits and aid in expedient resolution of claims. Our in-house registered nurses review and analyze medical claims to assist our attorneys in assessing a claim’s value. In the event a lawsuit is filed, Gentry Locke’s transportation attorneys have state and federal court litigation experience throughout both Virginia and West Virginia.

Rapid Response Services

• 24/7 availability
• Firm airplane
• In-house private investigator
• Attorneys equipped with an emergency response kit
• Coordination with forensic experts equipped to conduct vehicle scans and electronic data downloads on-scene
• Post-accident investigation and eyewitness interviews
• In-house registered nurses to review medical records
• Coordination with criminal defense counsel
• Existing relationships with experts in the fields of human factors, biodynamics, and accident reconstruction
• In-depth knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations


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