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Business Litigation

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Results matter to us.

Gentry Locke’s Business Litigation Group approaches every business dispute with the goal of achieving an outstanding result. We work with focus, experience, and intensity for the best possible resolution of a business dispute, with or without litigation.

We want to win. There are winners and losers in litigation. We passionately want to win. For us, legal and factual case evaluation occurs early and often. From beginning to end, our vision is strategic and vigilant. Disciplined planning is critical, but agility is necessary as well. As developments occur, we adapt—always looking for innovative yet realistic paths to achieve success for our clients. Our goal is to seize opportunities and avoid unnecessary dangers.

We provide major horsepower. Our lawyers and clients know that they are part of a team, and they always have access to the best answer we have to give–even to the hardest questions and problems. From senior partner to youngest associate, we are accessible, engaged, efficient, and driven to succeed.

We are industry insiders. We have extensive experience in specific industries. Simply put, we know our clients’ businesses, so they don’t have to spend time educating us. We can dive in quickly and move you forward faster. This acquired industry knowledge gives us a tremendous advantage—and we use it!

We are trial lawyers at heart. There is a big difference between “litigators” and “trial lawyers.” We are just as comfortable before a jury as we are with motions, pleadings, and briefs. We like to try cases, and our adversaries know this. The fact that we are willing to try cases can give us a crucial edge in settlement negotiations.

It’s all about our clients. Our clients are part of the team. We are proud that many of our clients have been clients for years. We are also pleased that so many of our colleagues in the legal profession refer high-stakes cases to us for their clients.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Contract disputes, including UCC matters
  • Construction
  • Mineral rights and mining operations
  • Real estate, development, and condemnation matters
  • Governmental disputes
  • Corporate governance, shareholder disputes, and director and officer liability issues
  • Business torts
  • Banking and lender liability claims
  • Trusts and estates


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