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Trusts, Estates & Related Litigation

Attorneys at Gentry Locke assist in all aspects of estate planning and estate administration.

We work with clients to create estate plans that are tailored to their individual needs while minimizing taxes and avoiding unnecessary probate proceedings. Our estate planning lawyers regularly work with business owners to design succession plans to accomplish their specific goals.

We advise clients on complex estate planning matters, offering creative, effective, and sophisticated solutions.

We also guide executors, trustees, and other fiduciaries through the challenges and nuances of an estate or trust administration.

Trust & Estate Litigation

In addition to our array of trust and estate planning services, Gentry Locke handles all types of litigation concerning wills, trusts, estates, and end-of-life issues, including:

  • Prosecution and defense of will contests
  • Prosecution and defense of claims against trustees, executors, administrators, and personal representatives
  • Appointment, removal, and replacement of fiduciaries, including executors, personal representatives, guardians, conservators, and attorneys‑in‑fact
  • Prosecution and defense of creditors’ and heirs’ claims against estates
  • Prosecution and defense of claims of undue influence and lack of mental capacity
  • Collection, marshalling, accounting, and distribution of estate assets
  • Modification or termination of trusts
  • Litigation concerning powers of attorney, living wills, and medical directives
  • Litigation concerning life insurance, “payable on death” accounts, and transfers of decedents’ real estate, stock, bank accounts, and personal property
  • Litigation arising from elder care abuse and fraud

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