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Gentry Locke has established a team of attorneys and professionals ready to assist you and your company as you navigate COVID-19

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I close my business?

If you’re wondering how your business should respond to the coronavirus, and specifically whether or not you should close, there are a number of factors to consider. Each business will have to make different decisions based on the type of operation, number of employees, access to capital, and ability to operate in a different environment. There is no one answer, but Gentry Locke can help you navigate these questions and make the best decision for you, your employees, and your customers.

What should I tell my employees?

If you have questions, so do your employees. They are wondering if it is safe to come to work, if they will still have a job when you re-open, or whether they will get paid on time. Exactly what you should tell your employees will depend a lot on your business, but Gentry Locke can assist you seeking to provide your employees with clear and helpful guidance.

Will insurance cover this?

Your insurance policy likely includes some provisions for natural disasters, but whether or not you have coverage for the effects of coronavirus will be very specific to your policy. Gentry Locke’s knowledgeable insurance attorneys will help you answer important questions about claims related to coronavirus.

Can I get sued if someone gets sick at my office?

Business owners are always aware of the liabilities that come with operating a business, but the coronavirus is a unique situation that creates unusual liability that you must consider. Please reach out to a Gentry Locke attorney to determine how you should mitigate the risks associated with the coronavirus.

Gentry Locke Team Leaders

Our team of attorneys are prepared to help you navigate coronavirus and its wide-ranging implications. Please contact one of the attorneys below or call us directly at 866-983-0866 to be directed to a team leader.

Crisis CommunicationsGreg Habeeb

Government & Regulatory AffairsGreg Habeeb

General CommercialMax Wiegard

Health Care / Physician Practices – Christen Church

Labor & EmploymentDavid Paxton

Commercial LitigationKevin Holt

Force Majeure IssuesHerschel Keller

Banking and Creditor’s RightsBill Callahan

InsuranceGuy Harbert

Workers CompensationPete Irot

PlaintiffJuliana Perry

Pro BonoKathy Wright

ConstructionSpencer Wiegard


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