Interstate 81 Developments, Impacts, and Updates

An April, 2019 deal reached in the Virginia General Assembly means that Interstate 81 will be receiving an ongoing infusion of cash to fund major improvements to the congested roadway, with projects beginning as soon as next year. This is tremendous news for the entire I-81 corridor in Virginia — and especially for Roanoke, the largest Virginia city along the interstate. These improvements will reduce the congestion that has plagued the corridor and will expedite the flow of commerce.

Here at Gentry Locke, headquartered in Roanoke, we are excited about the growth and new development these improvements will spur over the next 10 to 15 years, and we look forward to helping facilitate this expansion all along the I-81 corridor.

Gentry Locke attorneys have deep legal expertise in a number of practice areas, making our firm an ideal partner in progress. From construction to banking to corporate reorganization, our attorneys can provide the guidance, individualized service and responsiveness to help businesses capitalize on these opportunities.

We facilitate road-building/construction projects, real estate transactions, advise businesses about labor issues, assist in “brownfields” development of previously contaminated sites, help navigate environmental regulations, work with local governments on zoning and land-use issues, and help safeguard the intellectual property of businesses.

Billions of dollars in funding will build a better I-81, energizing economic development along the entire corridor. Gentry Locke is ideally situated to assist businesses and individuals to make the most of the opportunities this will open.


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