Gentry Locke Provides Internship to International Pre-Law Student

Gentry Locke had the pleasure of welcoming an exceptional Roanoke College pre-law student to the firm as an intern this Spring. Natalie Hidalgo-Lopez says she is currently “living her dream” as she finishes up her undergraduate degree and sets her sights on law school. Natalie comes to Roanoke College all the way from her home in Ecuador. A talented athlete, soccer brought her to the United States at 16 years old. She made the journey on her own, but soon found herself welcomed by a family in Martinsville. Natalie describes herself as incredibly blessed to have two families – one here in the US and one in Ecuador.

Her academic advisor, Dr. Todd Peppers, Roanoke’s Henry H & Trudye H. Fowler Professor in Public Affairs, commented that “Natalie is one of our top pre-law students, and, as her advisor, I wanted to find her an internship which would help prepare her for law school as well as give her a more sophisticated understanding of what lawyers do. I was thrilled when Gentry Locke offered her this unique opportunity.”

During her time with the firm, she had the opportunity to interact with lawyers in a variety of practice groups. Natalie described her experience as “incredible.”

“I had the opportunity to meet lawyers with different experiences some who had just graduated from law school and partners with many years of experience. I had the chance to witness fantastic lawyers in court. More importantly, I met friendly people willing to help and teach me.  . .  .  I cannot express enough how welcoming and nice everyone was.”

Todd Leeson, the Chair of Gentry Locke’s employment group, served as Natalie’s main supervisor. Todd noted that “Natalie was a delight. She truly embraced the experience. She helped our lawyers prepare for trial, hearings, and client meetings. Her insights and questions were excellent. I look forward to seeing her shine.”

Group photo with intern

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