College & University

Gentry Locke has decades of experience representing private colleges and universities, public and private schools, and other related entities and individuals.

Our broad spectrum of practice areas and issues include Title IX and sexual misconduct, employment, employee benefits, student conduct, privacy, safety and security, intellectual property, construction, zoning, tax, environmental, Section 504/ADA, immigration, and insurance defense.

Examples of the types of services we have provided include the following:

  • Advised private college on compliance with Title IX and related sexual misconduct laws, including drafting policies and overseeing investigations of student sexual misconduct complaints.
  • Represented a private college’s interests following an on-campus gas leak that resulted in fatalities.
  • Handled intellectual property and trademark matters for a private college with unique issues relating to its logo and mascot.
  • Regularly counsel private colleges as to employment, student conduct, Section 504, FERPA and campus safety matters.
  • Successfully represented local private college on EEOC and wrongful termination claims resulting from the termination of a long-term department chair.
  • Successfully represented a university in Virginia in a lawsuit by a former department director who raised numerous claims, including discrimination on the basis of race and gender, violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Family Medical Leave Act, and a number of other state and federal laws.
  • Obtained dismissal of lawsuit filed in the Western District of Virginia in which a student challenged discipline imposed on him under the college’s student conduct code.
  • In the course of our representation, our lawyers have developed excellent professional and personal relationships with college presidents, cabinet members, trustees, general counsels, deans, as well as business partners who work with these persons or entities.

Gentry Locke is approved insurance counsel in Virginia for several of the nation’s leading insurance carriers who write coverage for colleges and universities.  We also have a partner who is a member of the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA).

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