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What to Do During and After an Auto Accident in Virginia Article

What to Do During and After an Auto Accident in Virginia

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Staying calm and keeping your wits about you during and after an auto accident in Virginia is no easy task. Accidents happen fast, and the events that unfold afterwards can happen just as fast. The situation can also be complicated by any number of additional factors: injuries, anxiety, and answering questions from numerous individuals. There is no one-size-fits-all response that is appropriate in every auto accident. This is why it is vital to consult an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney as soon as possible, so you can get specific and tailored advice that takes into account the specific details of […]

The Legal Process Article

The Legal Process: Stages of a Virginia Personal Injury Case

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Plaintiff personal injury clients are different than other types of clients because their Virginia personal injury case is generally their first interaction with the civil legal system. Clients sometimes have an expectation that the process moves fast. Television shows, like Suits and Law & Order, may be to blame for such an expectation. Unfortunately, this expectation is mistaken—the legal process is quite slow. It can take anywhere from weeks to several years to resolve a Virginia personal injury case. This can be especially difficult for a plaintiff who is the victim of a trucking collision, motor vehicle collision, slip-and-fall accident, […]

The Driver Who Crashed into Me Is High Article

“The Driver Who Crashed into Me Is High”: How Defendant’s Marijuana Use Can Impact Your Virginia Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Case

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Virginia has recently decriminalized the possession of four (4) ounces or less of marijuana.[1]   Police in Virginia can no longer “stop, search, or seize any person, place, or thing” based “solely” on “the odor marijuana.”[2]  Virginians now frequently encounter the distinctive “skunk-like” odor of marijuana in public places.  Alarmingly, Virginians also encounter that odor, sometimes accompanied by visible smoke, emanating from vehicles operating on public roadways.   This is so even though it remains a crime for any person—driver or passenger—to use marijuana “in a motor vehicle being driven upon a public highway of the Commonwealth.”[3]  Gentry Locke’s personal injury attorneys […]

Categories of Damages in Virginia Personal Injury Cases Article

Categories of Damages in Virginia Personal Injury Cases

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As Virginia personal injury attorneys, our clients often ask us questions such as: What can I sue for after a car accident in Virginia? Is the defendant liable for the full amount of my medical bills? Does the defendant have to reimburse me for the time I was out of work? What about pain and suffering? Who pays for my vehicle that was totaled? Can I sue for punitive damages? This article is written by a personal injury lawyer in Roanoke who can summarize the categories of damages that are generally available to plaintiffs in Virginia personal injury cases. The […]

How to Choose The Right Virginia Truck Accident Attorney for Your Case Article

How to Choose The Right Virginia Truck Accident Attorney for Your Case

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If you are looking for the best Virginia personal injury attorney for your case involving a trucking accident with a tractor trailer, the following five important considerations should be made: 1. Find an experienced Virginia trucking attorney who is also a licensed (CDL) truck driver. As you might imagine, there are very few. Why is this so important? Tractor trailers are extremely different than other motor vehicles. A typical car may weigh a couple thousand pounds and be 12’ long. A tractor trailer, on the other hand, weighs approximately 35,000 pounds empty and up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. […]